As Head Teacher of Topcliffe, I feel incredibly privileged to be leading such a creative, inclusive and forward thinking school.

We are driven through our values to provide not only successful academic young people, but equip them with knowledge, resilience, independence and a strong sense of well-being to be able to be to achieve their ambitions in an ever changing and diverse world.

We believe in providing the children with a highly engaging and motivating curriculum to instil a love of learning, where respect and courtesy are expected of all to truly be happy, inclusive and safe. We have dedicated staff who ensure that we spark curiosity and capture imagination.

L Hedley
Topcliffe School




Welcome to Topcliffe!

At Topcliffe we seek to ensure that children leave school with a secure academic grounding for their future. However, our priority is not examination grades but the development of curiosity and wonder in learning that will inspire aspiration and success.

We incorporate academic work with a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, and we value sporting, character and cultural achievement equally. We are a school with a strong inclusive ethos which expresses itself with children treating each other with respect and courtesy. We have developed a creative curriculum that ensures that all children’s individual learning and social needs are met within a school that believes in fun!

You will discover a very comprehensive picture of Topcliffe in our website. I hope you enjoy it and will want to visit us. We very much look forward to welcoming you.

Mr. I Lowe – Deputy CEO