2013 OFSTED Report


Achievement of Pupils: Good

‘Pupils in both resource bases make good progress overall, and outstanding progress in their social and personal skills because their needs are extremely well provided for. This enables many of the pupils to be fully integrated successfully into mainstream classes for all or a part of their learning’.

‘All parents who spoke to inspectors or responded to Parent View believed that their children were making good progress.’


The quality of teaching: Good

‘Lessons see busy pupils responding with enthusiasm to the many opportunities to apply their skills and to work independently. Teachers, in partnership with well-trained teaching assistants, plan imaginative activities in the classroom and outdoors, such forest schools, canoeing and videoing, that excite and motivate pupils to succeed.’

‘Teachers have high expectations. Reading, writing, mathematics and phonics are taught effectively. Teachers have increased their knowledge of what makes an effective lesson and what impact their work has on pupils’ progress through the sharing of good practice.’


The behaviour and safety of pupils: Good

‘Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. At times, their conduct is outstanding. The good relationships between all pupils and adults contribute to the positive values and sense of belonging in the school. They have positive attitudes to learning.’

‘Pupils told inspectors, ‘It is fun at our school; there is a lot for us to do.’ They like the rewards they get for good behaviour and work. Pupils readily take on responsibilities of being house captains and play leaders, and they enjoy being involved with the development of the canal barge as a creative classroom.’


Leadership and Management: Good

‘Regular lesson observations followed by detailed feedback to teachers and a successful programme of professional development and coaching have ensured that teaching is good, with an increasing proportion that is outstanding. The performance of teachers is managed effectively.’

‘Senior leaders are very focused on improving the life chances of all pupils and removing any barriers to learning for all pupils whatever their circumstances.’

‘Innovative approaches to information and communication technology, including robotics, and partnerships with local independent schools, businesses and universities, motivate pupils well and raise expectations and achievement effectively.’


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