At Topcliffe Primary School we believe that the teaching of phonics is crucial, in order for children to become competent readers and writers. We use the Letters and Sounds programme, which aims to develop children’s speaking and listening skills through a synthetic phonics program. It also develops children’s phonic knowledge and skills, for reading and spelling. It sets out a detailed and systematic programme for teaching phonic skills, for children starting in the EYFS, with the aim of them becoming fluent readers and spellers, by the end of KS1.

As part of the inclusive nature of the school, all children are given equal access to the phonics curriculum. Due to the diverse nature of the children at our school, we set our phonics groups in each year, by ability and include Resource Base children within these year groups, where possible. Phonics groups are set up across KS1 and KS2 Resource Bases for those children who are unable to access phonic groups, within their year group. In EYFS, as children enter the school they are assessed and then grouped accordingly. Having explicit groups enables Phonic lessons to be directly matched to children’s phonic level and children can benefit from learning in smaller groups. Therefore, all groups of children (SEN, EAL, Gifted and Talented) are catered for.

National Phonic Screening

All pupils in Year One, including those in resource base, will be screened using the National Assessment materials in the final Summer Term. This assessment gathers information on the children’s ability to blend and segment decodable words to read. If the pupils in Year One fail the screening check, they will be retested when they are in Year Two. This data will be submitted to the Local Authority.


Including parents

Workshops for parents are run throughout the year. These workshops focus on; developing parents’ subject knowledge in the teaching and learning of phonics, supporting them to work with their child/ children at home, provide parents with a greater understanding of the Phonics Screening Check and enables parents to work with their child within phonic sessions.