Accessibility Plan

At Topcliffe Primary School our values reflect our commitment to a school where there are high expectations of everyone. Children are provided with high quality learning opportunities so that each child attains and achieves all that they are able to. Everyone in our school is important and included. We promote an ethos of care and trust where every member of our school community feels that they truly belong and are valued. We work hard to ensure there are no invisible children here, recognising everyone’s uniqueness and success. We recognise learning in all its forms and are committed to nurturing lifelong learners. We are a safe school, committed to improving children’s confidence and self-esteem. We know that safe and happy children achieve.

Topcliffe school is committed to ensuring equal treatment of all its children, employees and others involved in the school community, with any form of disability and will ensure that people with disabilities are not treated less favourably in any procedures, practices and service delivery. According to the Equality Act 2010 a “disabled person is defined as someone who has a physical or mental impairment which has an effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities”. The effect must be substantial, long term and adverse.

We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which people with disabilities are able to participate fully in school life. The achievement of children with disabilities will be monitored and this data will be used to raise standards and ensure inclusive teaching. Reasonable adjustments will be made to make sure that the whole school environment is as accessible as possible. We believe that diversity is a strength, which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit the school.

The school recognises and values parent’s knowledge of the child’s disability and its effect on their ability to carry out everyday activities and respects the parent’s and child’s right to confidentiality.

The Topcliffe Primary School Accessibility Plan shows how access and equality of opportunity is to be improved for disabled pupils, staff and visitors to the school within a given timeframe and anticipating the need to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate their needs where practicable. It is a requirement that the Accessibility Plan is resourced, implemented and reviewed and revised as necessary. The Plan is to be reviewed and updated at least every three years.

The Accessibility Plan focuses on three key areas:

  • Increase access to the curriculum for pupils with a disability, expanding the curriculum as necessary to ensure that pupils with a disability are as equally prepared for life as other pupils. This covers teaching and learning and the wider curriculum of the school such as participation in after-school clubs, leisure and cultural activities or school visits.
  • Improve and maintain access to the physical environment of the school, adding specialist facilities as necessary.
  • Improve the delivery of written information to pupils, staff, parents and visitors with disabilities, for example, information about the school and school events, accessibility to the school website and using Communicate in Print around the school environment.

School have identified the following priorities:

  • To provide safe access throughout the school for all school users
  • To ensure that the learning and teaching environment and the resources used are suitable for all staff and pupils, tailoring the requirements to suit individual needs.
  • The curriculum provides a setting in which all children have an equal opportunity to grow in understanding and in the acquisition of skills, attitudes and values.
  • To provide training to all staff regarding the needs of disabled people and how to provide assistance to enable them to enjoy the school experience as fully as possible.
  • To embrace a partnership between school and home.

Please download our full accessibility plan here.

Topcliffe Primary Accessibility Plan 2019