Roses (Year 2)

Topic Tasks


Observing Plants 

Lesson Plan Observing Plants/ Lesson Presentation Observing Plants / Activity Sheet Flowering Plant Observation Editable / Activity Sheet Parts of a Flowering Plant Black and White Editable / Activity Sheet Parts of a Tree Black and White Editable /Activity Sheet Tree Observation Editable 

Seeds and Bulbs

Lesson Plan Seeds and Bulbs / Lesson Presentation Seeds and Bulbs / Activity Sheet Plant Growth Prediction EditableAdult Guidance Seeds and Bulbs

Life Cycles

Lesson Plan Life Cycles / Lesson Presentation Life Cycles / Activity Sheet Sunflower Life Cycle Editable /Activity Sheet Plant Growth Table Editable / Adult Guidance Sunflower Life Cycle Drama Prompt

What do Plants need

Lesson Plan What Do Plants Need / Lesson Presentation What Do Plants Need / Activity Sheet Comparing Seeds and Bulbs Editable / Activity Sheet Plant Growth Test Results Editable / Seeds and Bulbs Word Mat Cursive / Growing cress

Plants We Eat

Lesson Plan Plants We Eat / Lesson Presentation Plants We Eat / Activity Sheet On the Farm Editable / Activity Sheet Comparing Seeds and Bulbs Editable

How different Plants Grow

Lesson Plan How Different Plants Grow / Lesson Presentation How Different Plants Grow / Activity Sheet Plant Growth Bar Chart Editable / Activity Sheet Comparing Seeds and Bulbs 2 Editable

Lets go on Safari 

  1. Let’s go on Safari Plan 1 / Powerpoint/  Work
  2. Let’s go on Safari Plan 2 / Powerpoint / Work
  3. Let’s go on Safari Plan 3 / Powerpoint / Work
  4. Let’s go on Safari Plan 4 / PowerpointWork
  5. Let’s go on Safari Plan 5 / Powerpoint / Work
  6. Let’s go on Safari Plan 6 / Powerpoint / Work
  7. Let’s go on Safari Plan 7Powerpoint / Work

Florence Nightingale Project

Project Plan and Knowledge Organiser

Session 1 

Florence Nightingale Slide 1, Growing up and Reading comprehension

Session 2

Florence Nightingale Slide 2, A Letter From Florence Example, Role play questions and Drawing or painting

Session 3

Florence Nightingale Slide 3, sorting before/after and Making a lamp 

Session 4 

Florence Nightingale Slide 4, how to make a medal and true or false cards

Session 5

Florence Nightingale Slide 5, comparing victorian and modern day hospitals activity, scenario cards and Pictures for comparisons

Session 6

Florence Nightingale Slide 6, ordering sentences and Quiz

Rights Respecting links to Articles home learning tasks

Week commencing 23 – 27th March 2020 work

Week commencing 30th – 3rd April 2020 Work 

Week commencing 20 – 24th April 2020 work

Week commencing 27th – 1st May 2020 work

Week commencing 4 – 8th  May 2020 work 

VE Day Project 

  1. VE Day Project plan
  2. Creative ideas –  Design a VE day medal activity / Drawing and colouring pages/ Recipe Booklet / Union Jack Bunting / Union jack template display bunting /United Kingdom Flag Colouring Sheet
  3. Information Powerpoints –  VE Day 75th anniversary information / VE Day Powerpoint 2VE Day Powerpoint 1 / WW2 Key Events
  4. Writing ideasChurchill’s VE Day Speech / Design a party invitation / Diary Writing Template / Postcard Writing Template / VE day diary activity sheet / VE day fact file

Week commencing 11 – 15th May 2020 work

Week commencing 18th – 22nd May 2020 work

Week commencing 1st – 5th June 2020 work 

Week commencing 8th – 12th June 2020 work

Week commencing 22th – 26th June 2020 work