Class Dojos

All parents will have received a letter this week with regards to signing up to class dojo. It is a free app that will link directly with our main whole school behaviour strategy. If you have not yet signed up to it then it’s really important that you do, to strengthen the partnership between school and home to promote positive behaviour and support in diminishing negative behaviour.  


We have tweaked our reward system so that our green dojos count towards a series of milestones for your children to receive certificates, badges and entry into prize draws as we recognise the importance of highlighting the majority of children who come to school every day and are consistently making the right choices.


We have developed a system for low level behaviour that will result, after a reminder and a warning, to receive a yellow dojo. A list of these behaviours is overleaf. The amount of yellow dojos received will be monitored carefully by the pastoral team and Senior Leadership so that we can identify children who are struggling and potentially will need support in making the right decisions.

Red Dojos will be given for what we believe are unacceptable behaviours which we have tweaked our policy to reflect the severity of how we will respond to these. If a child receives a red dojo then parents will be notified both face to face or via telephone and by a letter which will ask for your support in following up that behaviour at home. Multiple occasions of Red dojos will lead to behaviour reports where behaviour is tracked and monitored carefully and where we will expect improvements as well as offering support for children to succeed.

Any time a child is put on behaviour report, this will be done with the partnership of parents and carers in order to show our children that we, as school and parents, are a team who are here to support our children.

Yellow Dojo Behaviours:

Please note that all children will receive a reminder and a warning in order for them to reflect and change their behaviour before a yellow dojo is issued.

Red Dojo Behaviours:

Please note that for severe behaviours, a reminder or warning is not always given before a red dojo is issued.

We have a caring team who are committed to supporting children who struggle in any element of school life including behaviour. At each stage of this process, support will be put in place in order to teach and nurture our children to make the right choices.

Children with Special Educational Needs

In order for our behaviour policy to be successful, it is important that we are consistent with our approach and expectations. With this said, we have individual plans, strategies and sanctions in place to support our children with special education needs so that they are aware of and make the right choices.

As a school community, we thank you in advance for your support and recognising that to be truly successful, we need to work together to support the children in our community.