Outdoor Learning

I am very pleased and excited to welcome you to the Topcliffe Outdoor Learning Hub website. Through my extensive knowledge and experience, I have seen first-hand the opportunities that outdoor learning presents in the promotion of emotional wellbeing of all our young people. I have always shared and believed in my passion for outdoor learning and have over 20 years of experience in supporting and developing young people through outdoor learning.

From my first role in 1996, as an assistant instructor with the Birmingham Behaviour support service, where I worked with children with a range of emotional and behavioural needs, I dedicated my life to learning outside the classroom. In 2009, I became deputy principle for the Birmingham Outdoor Education Centre and Head of Centre at the Stables in Bromsgrove.

Through my role with the Outdoor learning service I have had the honour of working with a large and diverse selection of schools across the city. Working with thousands of children from different cultures, and with different needs and abilities. By working with Topcliffe Outdoor Learning Hub, I will be able to share with your group my experience, passion and love for the outdoors environment. Please have look through our website to see the fantastic, bespoke outdoor activity programmes we can offer. I am looking forward to meeting yourself and working with your pupils very soon.

Jody Cutts

Outdoor Learning Specialist