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Curriculum Overview

Here at Topcliffe our HARRI values provide the main ethos and key drivers for our curriculum development. Our curriculum is developed with the aim of supporting all children to become more independent and inquisitive learners as well as to motivate our children (and their families) to develop a real thirst for being lifelong learners.

Our school HARRI values are embedded throughout our curriculum and key topics are planned to support children in their acquisition and development of skills, knowledge and vocabulary. Our curriculum supports us in making learning meaningful to everyone. We intend for it to be motivating and stimulating to encourage children to make Healthy choices, be Aspirational, Respectful of others and Resilient and Independent learners (HARRI).  Writing Overview

Wider curriculum teaching topics have been carefully planned using the Cornerstones 22 curriculum using the engage, develop, innovate and express model. Learning is planned to allow for meaningful cross-curricular links and clear progression of both skills and knowledge. During lessons, children are challenged to produce work in a creative way, giving them freedom to choose how to present their work without diminishing the level of skills and knowledge being learnt. This way of teaching the curriculum is more vibrant and engaging. Our children are proud of the work they are producing and they are happy to be challenged to present their work in a different way.

Our children are benefiting from wider opportunities to express themselves through their work and are receiving a variety of experiences and development, through school trips, visitors, outdoor ed opportunities and ‘WOW’ experiences, which are then utilised to enhance their learning further. 




@Topcliffeschool - 5 Oct
Today is Day 10 of the 28 Day Challenge! Why not join us and be part of the crew?
@Topcliffeschool - 5 Oct
World Teachers' Day: What makes a great teacher? A special day to celebrate all the things our teachers do for us
@Topcliffeschool - 4 Oct
Today is Day 9 of the 28 Day Challenge. Why not join us and be part of the crew?
@Topcliffeschool - 3 Oct
Today is Day 8 of the 28 Day Challenge, and you might see some different faces sharing the signs! Why not join us and be part of the crew?
@Topcliffeschool - 3 Oct
Today is Day 7 of the 28 Day Challenge. Why not join us and be part of the crew?
@Topcliffeschool - 3 Oct
Today is Day 6 of the 28 Day Challenge. Why not join us and be part of the crew?
@Topcliffeschool - 3 Oct
Well done to the year 5 GOATI group!! They showed great resilience on a 5km hike to Plantsbrook Nature Reserve today. We practised road safety, searched for wildlife and completed the Autumn walk questionnaire about the journey of Plants brook! 👏🥾
@Topcliffeschool - 3 Oct
Had a lovely afternoon with Sunflowers last week! We dug up mud to mix with water, paint and washing up liquid, and then used sticks to mix it all together so we could paint the trees!! Lovely work Sunflowers! 😁🖌️
@Topcliffeschool - 3 Oct
Thoroughly enjoyed an Autumn walk around Pype Hayes Park with Buttercups! We used maps to locate where we are and collected conkers to take back to the classroom!! And we definitely saw the ducks!! 🦆😁
@Topcliffeschool - 3 Oct
Buttercups had a fantastic outdoor session at Pype Hayes Park. The children use maps to find the lake, stream and park area. We also found lots of signs of Autumn 🍂
@Topcliffeschool - 3 Oct
Buttercups enjoyed their first walk to the horses last week with well done 👏
@Topcliffeschool - 30 Sep
Today is Day 5 of the 28 Day Challenge. Why not join us and be part of the crew?
@Topcliffeschool - 28 Sep
We’re taking part in the challenge to learn a new sign, symbol or concept each day for 28 days. Why not join us and be part of the crew?
@Topcliffeschool - 26 Sep
A fantastic day spent at commonwealth games event on Friday! Topcliffe had a brilliant time! They enjoyed some Bhangra, Squash, bowls, hockey, rugby and some personal best challenges!👏🏈🎳🏑. Thank you for having us☺️!
@Topcliffeschool - 23 Sep
I had a lovely time this week working with Buttercups! They were very brave and did a fantastic job searching for mini-beasts around the cabin!! 🕷️ Then they worked as a team to build a bug hotel to move the mini-beasts into! Well done Buttercups! 🐌🐜
@Topcliffeschool - 23 Sep
An amazing turn out last night. A big thank you to all those Year 5 & 6 children and their families that spent the evening with us. Looks like we will be oversubscribed again next year.
@Topcliffeschool - 13 Sep
Buttercups have been remembering Queen Elizabeth ll using our curiosity cube. We have had some fantastic discussions, allowing the children time to reflect on everything we learnt during the platinum jubilee 💗
@Topcliffeschool - 8 Sep
We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. An inspirational and remarkable life to celebrate and remember.
@Topcliffeschool - 23 Aug
Some of our children have enjoyed 2 days worth of cricket coaching with All Stars Cricket and Warwickshire Cricket Club. We've had a brilliant time thank you. 🏏 ⚾🏅