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Curriculum Overview

Here at Topcliffe our HARRI values provide the main ethos and key drivers for our curriculum development. Our curriculum is developed with the aim of supporting all children to become more independent and inquisitive learners as well as to motivate our children (and their families) to develop a real thirst for being lifelong learners.

Our school HARRI values are embedded throughout our curriculum and key topics are planned to support children in their acquisition and development of skills, knowledge and vocabulary. Our curriculum supports us in making learning meaningful to everyone. We intend for it to be motivating and stimulating to encourage children to make Healthy choices, be Aspirational, Respectful of others and Resilient and Independent learners (HARRI).  

Wider curriculum teaching topics have been carefully planned using the Cornerstones 22 curriculum using the engage, develop, innovate and express model. Learning is planned to allow for meaningful cross-curricular links and clear progression of both skills and knowledge. During lessons, children are challenged to produce work in a creative way, giving them freedom to choose how to present their work without diminishing the level of skills and knowledge being learnt. This way of teaching the curriculum is more vibrant and engaging. Our children are proud of the work they are producing and they are happy to be challenged to present their work in a different way.

Our children are benefiting from wider opportunities to express themselves through their work and are receiving a variety of experiences and development, through school trips, visitors, outdoor ed opportunities and ‘WOW’ experiences, which are then utilised to enhance their learning further. 

Please contact our Co-DHTs Mrs Sale or Mrs Roberts for further information on our curriculum on 0121 675 6296 or via



@Topcliffeschool - 28 Nov
I’ll miss working with Year 5 GOATI group 1, they have been fantastic!! We made toast over an open fire today, followed by building a camouflaged bug hotel for the younger classes to explore! Well done all!! 👏🏆
@Topcliffeschool - 28 Nov
Year 1 GOATI group were an absolute pleasure to work with last week! We discussed our time together on the GOATI project and made S’mores around an open fire, which, as you can see, they thoroughly enjoyed! 😁👏
@Topcliffeschool - 21 Nov
Year 2 GOATI Grp 1 had their last session on Friday, making toast over an open fire and discussing their time on the project for the last 8 weeks! A lovely afternoon! 😁🔥
@Topcliffeschool - 19 Nov
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@Topcliffeschool - 18 Nov
I had such a fantastic afternoon working with Rowans this week! We practiced using the stoves ready for our Xmas feast and then they worked in teams to build shelters from human made and natural materials!! Fantastic work!! 👏👏
@Topcliffeschool - 16 Nov
I had a lovely autumnal walk with Poppies group 2 this week! We were searching for signs and colours of autumn as well as animals in the park. When crossing over the ford, we always keep an eye out for the troll under the bridge 😉
@Topcliffeschool - 16 Nov
Check out this bug hotel designed and built by Rowans this week!! They decided to camouflage it from predators. Great work!! 👏👏
@Topcliffeschool - 16 Nov
Year 5 GOATI group used all of their HARRI values to boil water to make hot chocolate on our Trangia stoves! We even had a fantastic chat about the water cycle!! Well done!! 👏👏
@Topcliffeschool - 13 Nov
@Topcliffeschool - 8 Nov
It’s wasn’t just the children that enjoyed the bonfire celebrations last week! 😁🎆
@Topcliffeschool - 8 Nov
S'mores and sparklers with Mr Cutts
@Topcliffeschool - 4 Nov
As the last fire burns down, I can gaze into the flames knowing that the Bonfire celebration week has been a great success!! It may take a while to get the smell of wood smoke out of my hair, but it has been worth it. I’m so proud of the Topcliffe children 🎆👏
@Topcliffeschool - 2 Nov
The bonfire celebrations are going well! Each child learns the history of The Gunpowder plot, has a go with a sparkler and then Mr Cutts tells them a spooky Halloween story around the fire….BOO!! Mwoah ha ha ha!! 👻😳🎃😁
@Topcliffeschool - 24 Oct
Wishing a very happy Diwali to any of our friends and community who celebrate the festival of light. 🎆🎇 Your child can find out more about Diwali here:
@Topcliffeschool - 20 Oct
Today is Day 24 of the 28 Day Challenge. Why not join us and become part of the crew?
@Topcliffeschool - 20 Oct
A few pictures of Oaks enjoying their hot dogs on a beautiful, autumnal day 😄☀️🍁
@Topcliffeschool - 20 Oct
Oaks followed their HARRI values when cooking Halloween hotdogs on Trangia stoves and roasting marshmallows over an open fire to make S’mores. I was very impressed with their listening skills around the stoves!! Well done Oaks!! (The S’mores were delicious 🤤👏)
@Topcliffeschool - 20 Oct
Year 1 GOATI group used Trangia stoves to warm up water to make hot chocolate this week! We talked about the changes to metal when it is heated up and how to use a stove safely when working outdoors in a group. Of course, then they had to wash up! 😊
@Topcliffeschool - 20 Oct
A very rainy outdoor session this morning cooking hotdogs on the stoves. Well done Buttercups!
@Topcliffeschool - 18 Oct
Today is Day 23 of the 28 Day Challenge. Why not join us and be part of the crew?