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Curriculum Overview

At Topcliffe we are very proud of our Creative Curriculum.

The ethos behind it is to allow the children to become more independent learners as well as becoming more resilient. At the heart of the curriculum is the development of skills and knowledge. During the lessons, children are challenged to produce work in a creative way, giving them freedom to choose how to present their work without diminishing the level of skills and knowledge being learnt.

This way of teaching the curriculum is more vibrant and engaging. Our children are proud of the work they are producing and they are happy to be challenged to present the work in a different way.

The children are getting the benefits of wider opportunities to express themselves through their work. They are getting a variety of experiences and development, through school trips, school visitors, and ‘WOW’ experiences, which are then utilised to record their learning in their journals.


@Topcliffeschool - 16 Oct
We'd love to see The Snow Queen 🤞
@Topcliffeschool - 16 Oct
🗣️It's DLD Raising Awareness Day! SENCos watch our video to see how PSS can support your graduated approach to SLCN. We want to improve the lives of pupils in Birmingham w/ SLCN&DLD; let us help you.❤️🌟🗣️ Together let's
@Topcliffeschool - 15 Oct
Today is ‘Developmental Language Disorder (or DLD) Awareness day’. It’s an invisible disorder. Let’s help spread awareness and if you think that you or someone you love may have DLD please seek support.
@Topcliffeschool - 15 Oct
Today is World Students' Day! Did you know that? An appropriate time to commend all of our students at Topcliffe for all their amazing work, their impressive resilience in recent times and their lovely, warm smiles walking through the corridors everyday. 👍
@Topcliffeschool - 15 Oct
Has everyone seen the Topcliffe Website makeover? Let us know what you think of our new look! 😀👍
@Topcliffeschool - 15 Oct
Please vote for ⁦⁦⁩ ! We are currently in second place. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
@Topcliffeschool - 14 Oct
Yummy yummy mug cakes have been made in tulips class this morning as part of our instruction writing unit of work 🧁 🌷
@Topcliffeschool - 14 Oct
Lots of lovely entries for our design a book cover competition to support our book fair week. Winner announced tomorrow
@Topcliffeschool - 13 Oct
You may be able to claim food vouchers worth £4.25 per wk. To qualify you must be 10+ weeks pregnant OR have at least one child under 4 and also receive Child Tax Credits or Universal Credit.  Please visit or ask in school for more info on how to apply.
@Topcliffeschool - 11 Oct
Our Maths area has had a revamp and we love it! Lots of fun and engaging resources to use 😍
@Topcliffeschool - 8 Oct
Year 5 GOATI project built an amazing bug hotel for the rest of the school to enjoy!! Well done team!!
@Topcliffeschool - 8 Oct
This just in!! Hazels used natural materials to create brilliant Mayan masks!!
@Topcliffeschool - 8 Oct
Big news this week in the hub!! Lilies created some fantastic leaf prints!!
@Topcliffeschool - 7 Oct
A very big thank you to Castle Vale for their donation of plants. The plants were very much appreciated by reception class who have planted them in their outdoor planters. . . . . .
@Topcliffeschool - 6 Oct
Lucky Lilies! I bet they taste delicious.
@Topcliffeschool - 5 Oct
Lilies enjoyed mud painting with Mr Cutts this week during outdoor education
@Topcliffeschool - 4 Oct
I'm afraid you might have tagged the wrong Topcliffe school here. We are in Birmingham.
@Topcliffeschool - 1 Oct
An exciting opportunity to join our fantastic team as a DHT with responsibility for Teaching, Learning & Curriculum. Come and have a look around!
@Topcliffeschool - 24 Sep
Lilies enjoyed watching Treasure Island this morning. Thank you for organising a fab treat for us all! 😍
@Topcliffeschool - 24 Sep
Looking forward to seeing all of those pearly white teeth next week. Have a lovely weekend Topcliffe!