School Day Timings

School gates open for the day at 8:45am and are closed for the day at 3:20pm


Daily Timings

8:45 am - School gates open. Children can begin arriving from 8:45am and morning activities begin for children once they are in class.

8:55 am - School gates close and morning registration is taken. Children not in school by this time will need to walk around to the main pedestrian entrance and will be marked in as late.

9:00am - It is important that children are in classrooms ready to learn because lessons begin promptly and children may miss an important part of lesson introductions or disrupt them for other pupils if they arrive late.

During the day children will have a 15 minute morning break, a 50 minute break for lunch and Key Stage 1 and Resource Base Classes have a 15 minute afternoon break. 

3:00pm - School Gates open for home time collection to begin.

3:00pm - Resource Base Classes home time collection.

3:10pm - Reception and Y2 collection from KS1 playground. Y1 collection from KS2 playground.

3:15pm - Key Stage 2 classes collected from KS2 playground.

3:20pm - Playground gates will be closed.


Total hours per week 31.5 hours