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At Topcliffe, we follow 5 simple rules to ensure that children are safe when online.

These SMART rules have been adapted by our school council so that they are appropriate for all of our children at Topcliffe.

Safer Internet day

Safer Internet Day is celebrated across the world in February. Schools, companies, governments and  wider are all getting involved to help encourage the safe, responsible and positive use of technology.

For parents, Safer Internet Day is a great time to have a conversation with your child about staying safe online.

Top tips for parents – staying safe online

1. Talk to your child about their favourite websites. Starting a conversation on a positive foot can lead nicely  into a chat about online safety.

2. If your child loves to use social networking sites, teach them about protecting their personal information by  thinking about what they are sharing and who they are sharing it with. Show them how to use privacy settings,  and how to block and report – and advise them to only accept friend requests from people they know in real  life.

3. Remind your child that showing respect for others online is just as important as showing it offline. Encourage them to think before they post and encourage them to show positive behaviour online.

4.There are lots of ways you can advise your child about cyberbullying, if they are worried remind them to save the evidence and to always tell an adult they trust if something upsets them online.

5. There are ways in which you can help to prevent your child from seeing

inappropriate content online. Have you considered parental controls and filtering in your home and also on your children’s portable device?

If you would like further information on how to keep your children safe online please click the links below

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