PE and Sport Premium

At Topcliffe we believe that physical education, physical activity and outdoor education, supports and complements our school ethos and our Five Keys to Improvement.
We actively encourage high moral and spiritual values, self-motivation, independence and self-reliance so that all our learners can access learning and apply knowledge, empowering them to make a real difference not only to their own lives but to the life of the wider community.

At Topcliffe we firmly believe that children will only engage in physical activity, personal sporting success and competitive sport if they are allowed to become participants in sport first. For children to truly enjoy physical education and school sport they should adopt the approach of both performer and coach.

Therefore at Topcliffe, we look at activities and opportunities in school that allow children to foster skills that enable them and adopt extensive knowledge of fitness and health, uptake, consolidate physical, tactical and adaptive sporting skills. Nurture creativity and adapt skills in order to meet the changing and challenging demands of different disciplines. Culminating in an ability to evaluate all performances to celebrate success and look towards nurturing future personal development.

By fostering these skills through the enjoyment of participation, children are able to take part in high quality, supportive physical education as they progress through the school. Developing skills that are essential if progress and attainment in competitive sport is to be achieved. 



Sports Premium Document 2020-2021

Sports Premium 2019-2020