At Topcliffe, we strive to instil a love of writing through a variety of fun and enjoyable activities.

Our ambition for our children is for them to become articulate and effective communicators. Writing is taught using 'The Write Stuff' approach, which utilises the Writing Rainbow to support a visual method to develop the wide range of skills that it takes to become a resilient, successful and independent story-teller. We focus on texts from a wide and diverse range of both fiction and non-fiction genres. Children are encouraged to magpie ideas from well-loved tales, to create their own story plots and characters.

As children progress through the school, they will increase their bank of writing skills and techniques as well as developing ambitious vocabulary. Lessons are exciting and engaging using multi-sensory methods to ensure that all children can access the learning regardless of age or ability. Modelling is key to ensure that children can practise and be supported in their writing and increase their skills. Wherever possible, we link writing genres to current year group topics and use a range of up to date visual literacy to provide stimulus and inspiration for writing.

Wrting and spelling intent and implementation